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I have lived my life through the eyes of an artist. Everything is a work of art to me. Clouds in the sky coming to life as the sunsets; flowers illuminated, singing in the rain; a home with heart, where the flow of color, design and art moves throughout the spaces. It is my passion to assist people to live in beauty, harmony and balance. Even the Feng Shui Gurus love working with me. I’m a natural intuitive with space, form and energy. It must be because of my years of training as a fine artist.

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Ultimate Lifestyle Experiences

I am so excited to welcome you to my site, The 5 Star Life, the ‘Ageless‘ lifestyle magazine for those who seek to live with beauty and luxury yet simplicity and serenity. I am dedicated to the art of living well and featuring the ‘softer side’ of life. After decades as a professional artist, I transitioned into the world of blogging and my focus is on wellness and experiencing the realm of the senses. My quest is to discover and visit healing retreats, spas and sensual healing treatments. I believe that in this world of extreme high tech, we have a greater need for high touch. Thus I am committed to helping others seek and find ways to experience balance and harmony.

Marjorie Hope

I am dedicated to researching, discovering, experiencing and sharing with you the ultimate in luxury, beauty, wellness, longevity and the eternal endeavor to age gracefully. Experience Beauty For the Soul, from exotic resorts and pampering to natural beauty secrets of the stars, healing retreats and spas. Follow us through the secret passage into the world of fine living.

The future is Transformational Travel Experiences where we seek to discover or create luxury “result retreats” from wellness to happiness. You can achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty, living from the inside-out.

As a spa trends specialist, with decades of first hand experience in the luxury travel and beauty world, I am a luxe lifestyle brands journalist, blogger and influencer. I was a columnist for Malibu Magazine, and other print and online publications.I am passionate about keeping up on the latest in leading edge breakthroughs in health and beauty. Living in the heart of Hollywood, I have my finger on the pulse of natural beauty secrets of the stars.  From foodie trends to fashion trends, Living the 5 Star Life is about mindfully living your best life now. My passion is focused on wellness travel, and committed to finding the best of the best from healing retreats to luxury pampering. Because health care is self-care, and self-care is self-love, experiencing Beauty for the Soul at a spa or healing retreat is not just a luxury but a necessity for vibrant health and radiant beauty.

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Opening Day Hot Spot for the Thoroughbred Club

BleuBar3If you’re a fashionista looking for a hot spot and a cool summer breeze, check out L’Auberge Del Mar, the super chic destination resort with a flair for the fast track. It’s the place to see and be seen at the Opening Day After Party. Avid fans patiently wait all year to attend this most gala event by the sea.
“Our Opening Day After Party is always one of the most highly anticipated events of the season,” said Bob Harter, director of sales and marketing. “This year promises to be even better with the addition of CLUB 1540 for guests who want to mix and mingle at the main event, but also enjoy the intimacy of a private, VIP lounge with exclusive offerings.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, it is known for the slogans: “Where The Turf Meets The Surf” as well as “Cool as Ever.”It was built by a partnership including Bing Crosby, actors Pat O’Brien, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown, Charles S. Howard and Oliver Hardy.

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“Opened in 1937 by Bing Crosby, the seaside track has played host to celebrities for decades, from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to the stars of Entourage. Unlike any other track in the nation, Del Mar is known for its sophistication, fashion and excitement of horse racing that attracts visitors from across the country looking to capture the Old Hollywood allure of the San Diego destination.” The old time links to Hollywood icons are still remembered, and each day before and after the races, you can hear Binglin’ singing his favorite tune: “Where the turf meets the surf, down at old Del Mar.” And if you’re a movie buff, this is where the famous Seabiscuit became a racing legend.

Riviera Suite 2816 bedroom 030

In an effort to appeal to the more au courant set of younger, fashion and social media conscious fans, one of the largest draws each year for the Del Mar racetrack has now become Opening Day with their famous hats contest and parties.
Del Mar is a year round playground and the Spa L’Auberge is a petite retreat just steps from the sand. Celebrating the opening of racing season on July 17 through November, guests can indulge in a few 25 minute express spa treatments and packages including the Daily Double, Exacta and Trifecta packages. These special treats are for guests who want to step out in style while also having a healing and pampering experience.

Unknown-2“Our race menu will be offered from July through November and is designed to provide guests with an instant rejuvenation and energy boost,” said Leah Strohecker, spa director. “The treatments are quick, effective and don’t require any recovery time so guests don’t have to miss a minute of fun at the track.”

The best part is that you don’t have to wait until the racing season to soothe mind, body, and soul. Spa l”Auberge is au courant with the latest in organic and vegan product lines as well as exotic plant extracts from the special locales around the world. A visit to this petite retreat is an experience in tasteful decor, luxury and the winning ticket to rejuvenation and restoration.


Check out another hot spot:A Day at the Races Summer Racetrack Package: Available July 18 to September 3

If you’re livin’ it up in style, another must see and be seen after a day at the track is the glamorous resort and racing package offered at The Grand Del Mar. Package includes one night’s accommodations; two stretch run reserved seats at Del Mar Racetrack (tickets are non-refundable); an issue of Racing Form and Racing Digest; transportation to and from the track (based on availability); two Mint Juleps in the Lobby Lounge upon return from the track; and overnight valet parking. Rates from $645 per night. Package is not valid for opening day and subject to availability at time of booking; blackout dates apply.

Getting Fit for the Twentyfirst Century

Having a Ball-getting fit and having fun
Having a Ball-getting fit and having fun

Turning Potential Into Performance

How would you like to reach your peak potential?

The optimum 21st century workout helps you to align with your inner design. The gyms of the future will not use out-dated machines and equipment that dictate the movements of your body to fit with the programming. The workout of the future will be specifically geared to your personal body needs. No more noisy, grinding machines, no more dehumanizing workouts that make the body keep up without intuitive interaction. The 21st century body is lean, aligned and fit for peak performance. The future is NOW!

Top athletes in their field know that reaching their peak potential takes hard work, time and talent. Maximizing their potential to peak performance involves more than sweat equity. It is about working smarter, not harder.

RIM‘s advanced exercise program empowers you to reach your highest level faster, safer, longer than any method available. This scientifically designed, tested and proven system lets you achieve peak performance with less effort, whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or Monday morning quarterback.

Fit, fun classes that really make an impact
Fit, fun classes that really make an impact

The key point is to lead the body to align with it’s inner design.

The body has it’s own inner alignment and sense memory. The difference between this method and all other methods is that your body will lead you to what it needs rather than imposing an inaccurate set of workouts that do not meet its current needs.

This is a precise method that attunes with your own body, personally designed to match its needs.

RIM’s founder, Dr Edythe Heus has applied her over 30 years’ experience to develop a way for achievers to advance, heal and protect their fitness as they push their performance to new levels.  For the last decade Dr, Edythe has fine tuned RIM with an elite group whose success relies on gaining and preserving a competitive edge – Olympians, top tier individual athletes and teams in the pro leagues, high powered executives, Hollywood celebrities and their stunt doubles and most recently dancers and performers in Broadway’s most physically demanding production, Spiderman Turn Off the Dark.  All of them experienced dramatic improvements.

RevInMo group class
RevInMo group class

One client remarked after the first session, ” I felt freedom in my tense areas, I felt an openness in areas that were shut down and tight, I felt alive and excited and hopeful. What I learned from Dr, Heus is that as the body ages, it goes into lockdown in parts where it is stressed and injured and then it affects the whole system and everything has to compensate for the injury or shut down. So my feet affected my quadraceps, my inner knees did not support my thighs and also went up to the groin. The body is a whole system and my lower left lumbar is unsteady. Now I know what needs to be done to heal and look forward to working it out with Dr. Heus”

Now with the opening of the first RIM Fitness Studio in midtown Manhattan a wider public has the opportunity to gain the advantages the elite enjoy.

Slip Slidin' Away with Dr. Edythe Heus
Slip Slidin’ Away with Dr. Edythe Heus

They offer a variety of semi private group routines  (limited to 8 people, personal sessions, certification programs for trainers and physical therapists who want to treat their clients most effectively.
Now there is even a new special class for women’s sexual empowerment

Another inspired client remarked that “After my session I felt more energy in my body, more freedom and the desire to PLAY. This work allows the body to feel more freedom and less fear, which is the best place to begin to play and have fun. Most exerciser routines tense the muscles, keep them in a pumped up state-then relaxed then pumped. This used my body to create a whole body experience that afforded me the luxury to play again, like a kid.”

The Hotel Bel Air: Every Guest Gets the Royal Treatment

The Favorite Hideaway of the Stars
What could be better than being a guest in the palatial ‘home’ of a royal? When Prince Jefri Bolkiah, member of the Brunei Royal Family (BIA, Brunei Investment Agency) purchased the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, California, they closed down this landmark for over 2 years to remodel the already posh property. According to wiki, “His elder brother is the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah. While Prince Jefri is known for his extravagant lifestyle, he has assisted in creating a stunning portfolio of the finest hotels, His personal holdings (were at one time) a huge art collection, the British jeweler Asprey, The New York Palace Hotel, The Beverly Hills Hotel, also in Los Angeles and Plaza Athénée in Paris.” Without digressing into the mystery of this backstory, suffice it to say that the level of taste is beyond extravagance.

Even a true Royal appreciates the warmth and ambiance of this secluded hideaway. As Prince Charles once described, “it’s like staying at a rich friend’s home.”

The 3 most adored guests are still the gems of the Swan Lake in the picturesque front lawn. The original vision of “creating a natural California oasis, planting palms, coastal redwoods, ficus trees and perennial blooms” are still the focal point. Sun worshiping at the shimmering oval-shaped pool is still a private affair. The Celebs still love the secluded privacy and anonymity.

When it opened in 1946, Hollywood flocked to the see and be scene at the fresh and luxe retreat. Even in the glam era, Hotel Bel-Air was a haven for camera shy celebrities including Grace Kelly, Jackie Gleason, Cary Grant, and Marilyn Monroe, served celebrities, heads of state and dignitaries. It is still visited by the uber rich and famous.

According to, “Virtually everyone who is anyone has stayed at the original 92-room Bel-Air hotel, including Britain’s Royal Family, Presidents, and the biggest names in Hollywood, who prize the hotel for its charm and its seclusion. Warren Beatty and his wife Annette Bening stayed here after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Jim Carrey was recently spotted singing at the piano bar. Nicole Kidman and Hillary Swank were also guests. Oprah Winfrey threw a slumber party here when she turned 40, while Diana Ross recently stayed here to unwind.”

“Oprah Winfrey has a long history with Hotel Bel-Air. As Oprah stated on her 50th birthday to People magazine and on national television, “Hotel Bel-Air is my favorite hotel.” She gathered friends on the front lawn where Celine Dion sang “Happy Birthday” to her as a surprise. She hosted a luncheon at which she was the guest of honor alongside 50 women, including Diane Sawyer, Toni Morrison, Ellen DeGeneres and Salma Hayek. As a frequent guest, the beloved Chalon Suite was also made over at Oprah Winfrey’s request.”
“The hotel offers 103 rooms, all of them Mediterranean-style villa/bungalows, yet no two the same. Room 160 is known as the Princess Grace Suite, and according to L.A. Magazine, Carly Simon likes to stay there. Joan Collins prefers room 166. Room 138 is known as the Swan Lake Suite, because of its view of the swan pond. Other guests have included Prince Charles, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tina Turner, Al Pacino, Whitney Houston, Mike Nichols, Diane Sawyer, Val Kilmer, Martha Stewart, Kenneth Branagh, Robert De Niro and even the very private, Michael Jackson.”

During the Academy Awards week, 2013, a couple of award nominees had their hair coiffed by Sam Kavenchy at the exclusive salon, Joseph Martin. One of the nominees sported a totally new look and when his name was announced as the winner, he was almost unrecognizable from his powerful character role in the academy award winning film. Another winner also had his hair styled by Sam and they both were beaming with their new, award winning looks! So if you intend on winning an Academy Award, you should definitely get a winning hairstyle at this tony salon!

The private enclave in the heart center of the property is the favorite restaurant for all occasions,Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel Air. “To be a part of this extraordinary restoration is a great honor,” said Puck.  “The Hotel Bel-Air is one of the most beloved icons in Hollywood history and has created many wonderful memories for such a long time.  It was important for us to respect its heritage, keeping menu favorites like the famous tortilla soup, while creating an entirely new concept that features the wonderful, fresh and local ingredients which surround us.”
Over the years, the hotel has developed into one of the most sybaritic and profuse properties, highly acclaimed throughout the world. As the hotel and city have matured, Hotel Bel-Air’s original ambiance has remained intact.  Some loyal guests are pleased with the new facelift, while others are reminiscing about this Grand Dame who has gone to the plastic surgeon and is now a bit too slick for her age. Whether you’ve been there before or are a newbie, it is still a must see beloved landmark in the shrinking style of true luxury and class in Los Angeles.

The makeover which took two years to complete boasts a new 12,000-square foot building with a fitness studio, loft guest rooms and a 4,134-square foot La Prairie Spa is a welcomed addition to this secret hideaway. The spa menu is a rich array of luxurious treatments and offers the one of the most exclusive, coveted skincare lines in the world.
“What could be more relaxing than the sensation of gently floating on the ocean? Not much. Well, that’s the feeling the Advanced Marine Biology Facial will give you. For most people, ultimate relaxation is the destination. This is achieved when your brain sends messages to your entire body to release tension. This release of tension causes the blood to flow more easily allowing detoxification to occur. As you lay on a warm water filled mat, muscle tension is released and circulation is increased. The skin is then transformed using sea-born elements found within La Prairie’s Advanced Marine Biology Collection which work to encourage cell turnover, detoxification, hydration and provide anti-oxidant protection”  Joo-mee Song, aesthetician and beauty magician.
Many guests fly across the globe to visit the hotel and spa. Locals swear by Joo-mee’s gifts and make up about 50% of the spa goers. The Hotel Bel Air is so loved by it’s neighbors, all they have to do is walk down the street to get pampered. Many are high end celebs live in the tony neighborhoods of Bel Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills and just need an escape close to home for some R&R. It is so hush-hush that the locals never tell anyone about it. The Los Angeles glitterati want to keep this best-kept secret hideaway hidden from the maddening crowd.
The most extravagant feature is the hotel’s new Presidential Suite, starting at $15,750 per night, is the piece de la resistance. For the uber rich and famous guests, it is over-the-top-luxury, this 6,775-square feet of suite with private dining for 10, a chef’s kitchen, a study, a great room with grand piano, even has a private pool! It is breathtakingly beyond words, and bank account. Unless you’re in the league with the Royals, perhaps this is just another place to hide away. There are a few more expensive suites around the world, like the Royal Penthouse Suite in the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, at a whopping $52,000
The most fitting description of this enclave of pampering, is from a star of the glam years, Tony Curtis (Some Like it Hot) who lived at The Hotel Bel-Air.

He describes it as the “best wife” he’s ever had. “If I could, I would marry Hotel Bel-Air tomorrow,” he said. “She doesn’t ask me where I’ve been all night. She doesn’t mind if I bring a girl home. She makes my bed every day, feeds me regularly, takes my messages faithfully and puts my laundry in the little boxes tied up with ribbon.”

M.A.K.E.-Keeping it Real With Raw Food


Matthew Kenny is crafting the future of food

You can finally indulge in a fabulous ‘tasting’ experience at the new Matthew Kenney’s M.A.K.E. without guilt. Located inside the Santa Monica Place Market, in Los Angeles, California, M.A.K.E. is a living foods, raw restaurant, featuring cutting edge plant-based cuisine. Everything is alive, radiant, nutritious, plant based food that is so full of energy, it is a delight for all the senses. The rich fuschia colored Chidori kale for the eyes, the ears get the crunch of the sesame-flax crisps, Kenney is a master presenting the tastiest raw food recipes with the biggest wow factor. Each bite has a continuous surprise of flavors, layered to discover for the whole palate. The most fun is ‘deconstructing’ the dish and sharing the guess work with your fellow foodies.


Note: Matthew Kenney Culinary is right next door, with a state-of-the-art raw food Academy. It feels as if the student chefs are creating these unique recipes all at once and the dishes are designed in the moment, just for you.

This whole-food centered eating extravaganza is the result of innovative ideas inspired by seasonal, local produce, as well as many of Matthew’s classic raw food dishes.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
Albert Einstein
The manager and servers were very helpful and explained the dishes so that even a neophyte would understand. When each serving arrives it is like a gift, where you are aroused by the attention to detail and the artfulness of the plate designs.  Here’s a fun game: try to keep the beauty of the plate arrangement in tact (almost impossible) while awakening to the ingredients and enjoying the cacophony of flavors with a surprise in each bite.
Matthew Kenney is taking on the food industry, and leading the global vegan/raw food movement, considered a top chef and trainer in the field, an author of several best selling raw food recipe books. He is also the founder of the renowned Raw Food Culinary Institute “105 Degrees” in Oklahoma City. In addition, “PlantLab is an experimental kitchen and laboratory redefining plant-based cuisine. PlantLab utilizes modernist techniques to develop new culinary innovations, pairings, and recipes. Through strategic partnerships, PlantLab is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, some of which is straight out of a laboratory. We believe that plant-based cuisine deserves the level of attention and analysis that only PlantLab can provide.”
Follow him on the new afternoon cooking show, Fresh Take, on the Health and Wellness Channel. “Matthew is a wonderfully inspiring chef who is on the forefront of the movement to bring nature back into cooking and the culinary arts. We’re very lucky  to have tapped into Matthew and his enthusiasm for something so worthwhile and needed in society today,” says Health & Wellness Channel founder Drew Nederpelt.


FYI-Tony Robbins says, “If you want to be alive, eat live foods”. He also brings up the point that our planet is 70% water and our bodies are 80% water. He says then, that it only makes sense for us to eat mostly water rich foods such as fruit, vegetables and sprouts. He explains that proper diet increases one’s energy, which is necessary for total success.
For further information, books and the Apothecary of Chocolate, check out his site:

He’s got two other restaurants:
IN THE RAW, a vibrant raw food bistro located in the beautiful North Shore region of Chicago.

And soon to be:THE WHITE LOTUS, located at The Space Miami, in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, The White Lotus will be a living foods restaurant, featuring cutting edge, plant-based cuisine with local influences.

Spa For All Seasons: Four Seasons Hotel and Spa Specials

Four Seasons Spa Lovers Staycation:Six Steps to Body Bliss

Four Seasons Spa Westlake Village
Four Seasons Spa Westlake Village

With TSA scandals, chaotic airports, unpredictable weather and flight delays, luxury cruise lines that break down in the middle of the ocean, it’s no wonder we are doing more ‘Staycations’ and enjoying the wonderful spas and resorts locally.

A spa soujourn to your local favorite Four Seasons Resort retreat can shift your mood, change your feelings about your body, lift your spirits, touch your soul, ease your mind and change your life!

The most important tip: Being present in the moment, experiencing your state of mind/body/spirit and letting go of all outside influences. The payoff-an afterstate that can last beyond the spa. Take home your bliss by following these easy to do steps.


Here are Six Steps to Body Bliss when visiting a spa at your favorite local hotel or day spa.

1. Do your research. Find out about any specials, holiday packages, mid-week offerings. (Four Seasons Hotel and Spa in Westlake Village, California is offering a $99 special on Wednesdays with a 50 minute treatment and the use of all the spa amenities and the Olympic sized saltwater pool)
2. Be a Lady (Gent) of Leisure. Go early and make sure you take the extra time before your service. Spend the day if possible. Use the facilities offered to you, such as the Jacuzzi, steam, sauna or luxurious multi-spray showers.
Go For It All! If there is a heated pool available, and you don’t like it nippy, go beyond your limits. If it is 62 degrees outdoors that day, and the outdoor pool is heated to around 82 degrees and your normally only swim in 85 degree weather and a warm pool of 86 or above, stretch your limits and see how it feels.
3. Treat Yourself to Something Extra. Like most of us, if you’re on a budget, order a smoothie or something from the spa menu. You don’t do this every day, so give yourself the extra gift. There may be a new recipe you can take home or you might discover a spa dish that you love.
4. Take Advantage of All the Freebies. Relax in the lounge, drink the cucumber or citrus water, herbal tea, and enjoy some of the snacks. Sample the fruit, nuts, makeup testers Indulge in the magazines. (Even read the tabloids if you must!) Or better yet, read that Architectural Digest.
5. Relax Completely and Enjoy the Treatment.  Melt into the massage or facial table. If you are chilly, ask for something to cover your feet, or a heater, or a fan if you are warm. Make sure you are comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask for something that you need. Your aesthetician or masseuse is there to take care of you. Let them know if something does not feel right, if they are coming on too strong or hurting you. This is your special day so don’t be shy about speaking up and getting what you want.

Tip: This is your precious time for yourself, a day to remember and something you can look forward to again.


Check out the SPA SPECIALS in your area and discover new treatments being offered. Try something you’ve never experienced before.


At the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa in Westlake Village, California, you can be privy to the largest spa of this luxury hotel chain and get a Custom Organic Facial or choose from one of their most comprehensive spa menus.

Picture this: A spa experience that includes a custom organic facial that brings together the finest fruits, vegetables and herbs to deliver the most potent and active treatment available. And after a detailed skin analysis, the perfect combination of organic product is applied to create a results-driven facial for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Current Spa Specials for 2013:

*Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Spa
Parents can enjoy a break from reality each Wednesday with a special package from the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village.

Designed with the busy parent in mind – although you needn’t be a busy parent to enjoy it! – the all-new Wow-Me-Wednesday Package includes a 50-minute massage or facial treatment of your choice, plus up to four hours of complimentary childcare at the Spa, for USD 99.*

For spa reservations, please call +1 (818) 575-3010

Childcare is available from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm only. Child must be potty-trained. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount, promotion or package and is valid on Wednesdays only, based on availability. Other restrictions may apply.

Live 5 Star Life Spa Favorite😀NA Growth Factor Facial. Exclusive to the Spa, this medical-grade facial provides comprehensive care for stressed or photo-damaged skin. A unique amino acid glycolic peel gently removes dull surface cells and prepares the skin for an infusion of professional-strength growth factor from Iceland, paired with DNA repair enzymes for visibly revitalized and radiant skin. The afterstate-your face will feel and look refreshed, glowing and you can even go out bare-naked (without makeup) for a couple of days.


*The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Vail
Spa Specials:
1. 80 min services for the price of 50 min
2. Book 2 – 50 min services and receive half off the second
3. “Taste of Spa” – 2 services for $119, 3 services for $179
Service Options:25 min Massage
25 min Glow and Go Facial
50 min Quench Pedicure
25 min Body polish
Women’s Haircut or Blowout

*All above offers are available prior to 2 p.m. from Dec 23 to Apr 15.
Other notes:
-We just announced our “Brew & Renew” treatments (tailored for men but still for women), a partnership with Crazy Mountain Brewery.


*The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin
Spa Happy Hour
Sunday through Thursday from 4:00-8:00 pm
Perfect for after work or a girlfriend’s night out, Spa Happy Hour includes $50 off any 50- or 80-minute treatment, along with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, light spa bites and free parking.

Four Seasons Austin Spa
Four Seasons Austin Spa

Daycation Packages
Monday through Friday
Even if you’re not staying at Four Seasons, enjoy the luxury of a leisurely afternoon with the Daycation package, featuring a spa treatment, lunch in TRIO and access to the Hotel’s outdoor pool overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Available Monday through Friday, Daycations start at $160.

Four Seasons Austin Spa
Four Seasons Austin Spa

*The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Maui
The Spa is offering two special offers:
A 20% discount for guests who book a Chiropractic Adjustment followed by a 50 min massage.  The packages would be as follows:

Initial Chiropractic Adjustment followed by 50 min Massage – $264 (regularly $330)
Repeat Chirpractic Adjustment followed by 50 min Massage – $240 (regularly $300)
The Ultimate Cocoon is usually $360 per person.  We offer this as a Couples for only $575 (regularly $720)


Ultimate Cocoon – 110 minutes
Begin this transcendent journey with a relaxing soak in a sea-salt and botanical-extract whirlpool.
Next, sink down into a warm cocoon bed for an Ayurvedic oil-blend wrap. The women’s blend is
formulated to assist with hormone balance, proper metabolic and enzymatic functions, elimination
of toxins, and cell nourishment. The men’s blend targets prostate health, muscle tone, and vitality.
As you float in the bed, you will receive a relaxing neck, face, and scalp massage as well as foot
reflexology. The journey is completed with a full body 50-minute massage.
*This experience is often enjoyed as a couple’s treatment


*The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North
Harnessing  a rotating seasonal scent, the Happy Hour is offered in the Spa
from  3  to  8  p.m.  and  in  the  Salon  from 3 to 6 p.m., Sunday through
Thursday.   Guests can select two specialty 25-minute mini services for the
special  rate  of  $129,  a  savings of more than $60 off the regular rate.
Indulge in the following Beauty or Body options:


Spa Happy Hour: Body
Sole Satisfaction
Scalp Express
Swedish Massage
Smoothing Body Polish
Herbal Wrap

Spa Happy Hour: Beauty
Express Brightening Facial
Express Back Facial
Anti-aging Hand Treatment
Instant Eye Boost


*The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Toronto

March Madness Spa Feature:
45min Neck and Back massage
75min Classic European Facial using Omorovizca skincare products
Specialized gift from Omorovizca – blue mini travel skincare bag (value $125)  **while supplies last
Prepared gourmet wrap-to-go (chicken or vegetarian available).
Plus:  save 25% off all Omorovizca skincare retail products
Value $455
March Madness Price $299 plus savings on retail products


As the company’s brand new flagship located in their hometown of Toronto, the Spa at Four Seasons Toronto is the largest spa in the city and in any Four Seasons urban hotel worldwide. Recently opened on October 5, 2012 and more info can be found here:


Tip-These spa specials can’t be beat, so check out what’s happening in your town and create a staycation experience today!

The Art Of Love

Listening now to the Art Of Love Series with Alanis Morissette,Arielle Ford, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Alison Armstrong

Looking back from the other side of men-o-pause, experiencing the lusciousness of all the divine feminine energies coming forth from The Art of Love Series, I am now bathing in the champagne bubbles of my authentic me, and playing full out in my new and last great romance. Living each day with an open heart and finally looking in the mirrors that authentic love reflects, sometimes it is not so pretty. The soul union is of the highest realm and the mechanistic world can be transcended, in balance with the masculine/feminine dance of romance.