Hot Holiday Hair: Go Hollywood Glam

The holiday season has arrived. With all the happenings and mishaps, the show must go on and ’tis the season to count your blessings! Beautiful hair has never been more glamorous and the shades, tones, highlights, blends, curls, it’s time to change it up and be bold! Go for the Gold, add a fringe and think Big and Bouncy! Glossy, glamorous and healthy is the new sexy. Some are even going more metallic so shiny silver is beyond the matte  grey and dirty pastel tones.

But for the holiday glam the tried and true is elegant, glam and gorgeous!

DSC_1243_ppNelson Chan of Nelson J Salon, Beverly Hills is always the top of the style setters with this simply lovely emergence of bold curls and blond classy highlights.

His Award winning Beverly Hills hair salon, voted the best colorist in Los Angeles by LA Magazine. Expert in Balayage, Grey Coverage, Color CorrectionYou can dress it up or down, but you certainly won’t be a wallflower with this lovely look. From evening gown gala to dress down holiday party, you will always be the star in this simply elegant style. For more glam styles.


DSC_1197_ppLoosen up and let go, with this expanded curl surprise.

According to the recently voted top hair color salon in Los Angeles by both Allure and InStyle magazines, stylists at Nelson J. distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack by transforming lifeless strands into healthy tresses. Seems the word is out, as owner and master colorist, Nelson Chan, counts Christina Applegate, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Paula Abdul among his clientele. Love Beverly Hills

If you want super healthy hair with natural shine, the best way to start is using the right products. You can love your hair again when you visit an Aveda Salon and make sure to use the most natural products without harsh chemicals.

The most unique formulas are formulated by Nelson J Beverly Hills which have multi- benefits to help you create your dream hair and make your life easier…This is not hair, this is LIFE.

These revolutionary products formulated with Argan Oil 7 are pure, and you can feel safe in knowing that your hair is cared for and damage free. Restoring your tresses back to aliveness and radiance is how these products have become the most sought after in the biz.


DSC_0677Updo’s are elegant and add more of a feminine mystique and allure for a holiday event.


Enjoy this holiday season and beyond by using the best products.

 LOVE your hair again! Nelson Chan


Yoga-Therapy:Busting the Blues Away

When announced they were seeking writers to share about their experiences with depression, I was hesitant to share. Who really wants to talk about this?

Many creatives suffer from mood swings. It’s what gets our juices flowing, uplifts and inspires us to go beyond the boundaries of the mass consciousness. It’s what makes us Outliers. As author Malcolm Gladwell refers to many of the literati of our day, the ones who have gone beyond the boundaries and become uber success stories. Outliers deals with the cultural and societal forces that give rise to opportunistic individuals. “person out of the ordinary “who doesn’t fit into our normal understanding of achievement.”


Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal

Cronus by Solloshi

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armani

We are living in a world where superheroes and movies are ubiquitous icons of merging science fiction with science fact. Even the gadgets of James Bond’s iconic world of espionage and intrigue are not just some fantastic fiction on the silver screen, but actually exist or are soon to be released now. In fact, James Bond has defined an era of men’s style and is the most influential figure in menswear and he doesn’t even exist!

The key is luxe tech and men’s luxury fashion accessories today exude a sense of confidence and refinement. ‘007’ is the epitome of a fine gentleman with taste and style ‘who appreciates the luxury touch only a precision crafted item can provide’. Thus we are entering a new era where high tech meets high touch in the men’s luxury accessories trend.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“He is not so much a fashion icon as a walking, fighting advertisement for the notion that a man can wear beautiful clothes and still be bad ass. The Bond wardrobe exists in a zone of conflicting force fields, with elegance pulling against violence, classic style against fashion, subtlety against flash.


With meticulous attention to detail, the key is creating timeless materials that never go out of style.


Move over Aerospace and biomedical implants, here comes supreme Titanium Fashion Accessories. The future is bright for the emerging elements of style that carry over from industrial design to high art and are now crossing the barriers of different mediums. From architecture to interior design, the latest twenty first century materials are moving from high tech to high touch and spanning the cultural gap into every day luxury goods.

Top innovators are now working with these high-end materials such as Titanium which has inspired the most creative designers to branch out with a new range of products. One in particular who has crossed over from mastering other disciplines into the men’s luxury accessories is Richard Solloshi of Solloshi Ltd.He is well known for his innovations in different domains of design including product design, industrial design, architecture and interior space design.

Series 8 Cufflink, by Solloshi

Solloshi has discovered the key to great design by revisiting and reinterpreting everyday objects. By transforming them into true masterpieces through meticulous models with the application of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. This is what the culture views as high art. Form follows function moves into redefining the ideal of practical luxury through advanced manufacturing technologies.

A creative mastermind can transcend the barriers of different industries to bring forth a new way of using materials that were once confined to the industrial world. They key to this refined brand is melding the elements of style in architecture, interior design, while using the principles of industrial design to creating luxurious wearable art.

What one might imagine as something that will exist decades into the future, Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense. It is therefore important as an alloying agent with many metals including aluminum, molybdenum and iron. These alloys are mainly used in aircraft, spacecraft and missiles because of their low density and ability to withstand extremes of temperature.The advantage is like Superman with steel-like strength but also lightweight, like aluminum.

Amazingly, this titanium bankcard holder weighs just 2.4 ounces, lighter than your current leather wallet.

Titanium is synonymous with strength and durability. Even the name is apropos after the Titans, Greek gods of myth, this element is used widespread crossing the barriers of industry, in airliners and lacrosse sticks. While most know of it’s sunscreen qualities, who would imagine it was also used for body piercings and most recently in the bio-medical field and equipment.

This material is now ubiquitous, where it seems that titanium is being designed into new applications in the fashion industry – including jewelry, in which it appears a mini industry is developing. titanium has been promoted as a metal that is light weight, durable, and fashionable. Each day it seems that titanium is being designed into new applications in the fashion industry – including jewelry, in which it appears a mini industry is developing.

This innovative luxury brand is branching out into bankcard holders with a standard bankcard as well as a luxury edition. The brand is moving into other accessories like the nautical titanium bracelet, titanium money clip, a jewelry edition cufflink and a titanium nautical case.  The applications seem endless, with so many options including men’s wallets, luxury cigar accessories, including humidors and mini-humidors, and creating a buzz over titanium jewels.

Titanium Bracelet, Solloshi

It takes an outlier with a keen sense of design to become trend setting luxury product designer. One who has broken all the restraints set by the conventionalists with their innovative concepts is Richard Solloshi. He is one of those mastermind innovators who has dedicated his high art to utilization of titanium.

“This high-tech material requires special skills in design and unique manufacturing methods. Despite the fact that this level of precision and design requires countless hours of engineering, almost all of his creations are limited editions to preserve their unique nature.”

However, there’s more than sleek design and beauty that propels this kind of material to become a mainstay in a man’s wardrobe, it has become a lifestyle trend.

The market is exploding for high end men’s luxury accessories, especially minimalist wallets. The key is to pack in as much as possible in a streamlined design to beat the battle of the bulge. With slim fashions ruling the scene, there’s not much room in those pockets for a large wad of cash. The desire is to have an an elegant light weight carry option for credit cards.


‘The Solloshi Titanium Bank Card Holder does an ordinary task in an extraordinary fashion. It will hold your bank cards securely – that’s the ordinary bit – and it will amaze you for years or decades to come with its exceptional workmanship that remains unchallenged by any of the others – this, you guessed it, is the extraordinary bit.’

This is precisely the kind of luxury accessories 007 would choose, because it they are lightweight and strong. It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. It weighs almost the same as aluminum but is stronger than steel. It is corrosion and scratch resistant even in sea water, aqua regia and chlorine. (For those underwater espionage adventures where he arrives from the sea and ends up in a Tux on an exclusive private island luxe resort) Durable – It is more durable than gold and has become a popular choice for designer jewelry and stylish accoutrements.

Although the Bond brand is old school, it is synonymous with the late twentieth century heroes. Most of the stars, like Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are now film star style icons and being replaced by younger, more dynamic, powerful stars like Daniel Craig. In sync with this phenomenon is the trend in the men’s luxury accessories market.


Innovative designers like Solloshi are revitalizing and boosting the men’s luxury accessories market by creating a new demand for something that did not exist on the market before. This is a first, combining super hero materials like titanium with men’s jewelry and accessories. The future is bright, both for the new, energetic actors and the world of men’s style

Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

What Becomes A Legend Most?

La Quinta Resort and Club

The key element that makes this historic legendary property 5 Stars is a step beyond the amenities, accommodations, fragrant flowers, manicured landscape and great gourmet fresh fare. It is the attentive and service from well-trained staff, who have a ‘hospitality personality’ and provide the most gracious service. “That’s important, but so are natural kindness, graciousness, humor, and joie de vivre. A person who quietly makes guests feel comfortable and important.” When you know that the service people are truly happy doing their jobs (some for a decade or more) there’s something in the air that says, “this is a very special place to work, and even more special to be treated like an honored guest’.

See the full article here:
On the outskirts of Palm Springs, a favorite hideaway of the stars, is the peaceful, tranquil retreat La Quinta Resort and Club. Capturing the essence of hacienda-style and celebrating it’s 90th anniversary in 2016, the setting is still idyllic. With the dramatic mountains and manicured grounds, guests are greeted with a colorful palette of florals, fragrant citrus trees and desert plantings. Not only is it a remote retreat from the hustle of Hollywood hype, but also a golfers paradise. The resort boasts close proximity to five award-winning golf courses (on and off property) designed by golfing legends, such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tom Fazio, to name a few. (rated #1 golf resort in the nation) (Great for tennis and fitness buffs, too)

Hollywood honchos, celebs and sports figures all hobnobbed in this somewhat remote setting, for “La Quinta’s scenic mountainside golf courses and the resort-owned, famed courses of PGA WEST”.

Several presidents have also checked into the hotel over the years, including George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Calvin Coolidge. The who’s who list of celebs are too numerous to name, but suffice it to say that even Michael Jackson had his fav the Hacienda Grande. It is only a step down from the Presidential suite where many other living and long gone legends have taken up residence for their respite in the desert. The resort has hosted some screenwriters, such as Frank Capra who wrote It’s A Wonderful Life while staying at the resort. He returned to pen some other award winning screenplays. It is the best kept secret hideaway to remain anonymous for International dignitaries, artists, politicians, business moguls and renowned athletes.

La Quinta Resort and Club-the wild west was being tamed
This historic property, is the longest running hit in the desert, and the resort has been upgraded to distinction as a member of the Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts with a multimillion dollar restoration in 2014. While it still manages to retain it’s storied history, the vibrancy is still repeat with the lush landscape, colorful floral palette, profuse fountains and dramatic mountains hovering in the backdrop. The architecture has evolved from a ‘simple country house, villa’ into one of the most celebrated examples of an architect’s dream: To build a tranquil retreat capturing the essence of hacienda-style living.One can still feel the essence of old world charm, while being subtly upgraded to meet the demands of the twenty first century with flat screens and wireless connections in the casitas. This first class resort property still retains its refined casual elegance the appeals to those who appreciate the simple, understated timeless beauty.

La Quinta Resort and Club: A golfers paradise, a swimmers delight and the best for tennis and fitness buffs

The idyllic enclave of La Quinta Resort & Club, has long been one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood stars seeking an opportunity to step out of the limelight for a few days and into a welcoming atmosphere of peaceful relaxation. Los Angeles Times

The Art of High Touch: Twentyfirst Century Spas

Check out my latest huffpost article,LAS 09.jpg

Megatrends (1982) author,  John Naisbett , perceived the concept of high tech high touch. The meaning of this phrase is that you need to serve people using technology by making them feel human, not part of the machine. In our modern society where technology has taken over, people are spending more time interacting with machines (cellphones, computers, etc) than humans. Many of the predictions from his book are a reality, including the shift from industrial to high tech,  institutional to self-help,and the need for more personal human interaction. Thus, in seeking self-help solutions, many of us are yearning for the softer side of life, and flocking to spas to experience ‘high touch’ nurturing to bring life back into balance.

LAS 12

Did you know that when humans hug their immune system enhances dramatically? This is precisely why there is a therapeutic effect with touch and getting a massage not only feels good but is important for our health and wellness. Thai Therapy Massage is also excellent for the immune and lymphatic system. So visiting a spa and getting physical contact and touch is life enhancement at it’s best. Of course, immersing yourself in nature, walking barefoot on fresh grass or the sand is also therapeutic, and getting grounded through earthing is another healing modality.

LAS 04

Sometimes a body treatment can be more rewarding in the long run than a new object/outfit/shoes. Wellness experts are reporting that the best way to obtain healthy habits is to become aware of your body and your needs. Self-Care is the buzz word.

The sooner you begin to get in touch with your own body, it’s needs and messages, the better. This is the beginning of a life-long relationship. You are the CEO of your own health. The first step is to visit a healing retreat or spa and become the master of your body and it’s needs.

The future of Healthcare is Self-Care and the first step to becoming the master of your own body is to visit a healing retreat or spa.

All photos courtesy of the Beloved Spa, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

How to ‘Ahhh Spa’ 10 Tips

As a spa trends specialist with a penchant for living the 5 Star Life without limits, on any budget, I will be posting the best of the best in leading edge spas and resorts. As a boomer consumer specialist, the focus for my generation is wellness. The future of health care is SELF-CARE and the future is NOW. So getting into the habit of taking care of yourself is a priority. Visiting a healing retreat or spa, learning how to de-stress and detox from all of the toxic influences in our environment, including the genetically modified foods, the electromagnetic fields, the chem trails, and all the technological frequencies that are wearing down our immune system. In addition, doing a digital detox at the same time, unplugging from the negative news and information is ‘just what the doctor ordered’. (The doctor within us all)

(Most recently, I published an article about Journey Into Wellness Week at the Beloved, Playa Mujeres, Mexico.)

According to Megatrends (1982) author,  John Naisbett , he perceived the concept of high tech / high touch. The meaning of this phrase is that you need to serve people using technology by making them feel human, not part of the machine. In our modern society where technology has taken over, people are spending more time interacting with machines (cellphones, computers, etc) than humans. Many of the predictions from his book are a reality, including the shift from industrial to high tech,
 institutional to self-help,and the need for more personal human interaction. Thus, in seeking self-help solutions, many of us are yearning for the softer side of life, and flocking to spas to experience ‘high touch’ nurturing to bring life back into balance.

Did you know that when humans hug their immune system enhances dramatically? This is precisely why there is a therapeutic effect with touch and getting a massage not only feels good but is important for our health and wellness. Thai Therapy Massage is also excellent for the immune and lymphatic system. So visiting a spa and getting physical contact and touch is life enhancement at it’s best. Of course, immersing yourself in nature, walking barefoot on fresh grass or the sand is also therapeutic, and getting grounded through earthing is another healing modality.

If you find yourself seeking to escape from the hustle of your daily routine, and yearning for personal pampering, a great way to unwind is to find a local spa in your area and book a treatment. Sometimes the facilities are well appointed and you can get some benefits just by using the Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and other amenities. But if you have a local spa with many different modalities of treatments my suggestion is to make sure you take the time to rest, relax and extend your stay longer than just a short while.


If you love going to a spa and getting pampered, remember to treat yourself to something special as often as possible. Sometimes a body treatment can be more rewarding than a new object/outfit/shoes. Wellness experts are reporting that the best way to obtain healthy habits is to become aware of your body and your needs. Self-Care is the buzz word.


The sooner you begin to get in touch with your own body, it’s needs and messages, the better. This is the beginning of a life-long relationship. You are the CEO of your own health. The first step is to visit a healing retreat or spa and become the master of your body and it’s needs.


Ahh-Spa–Top Tips For Day Spa Lovers
  1. Explore the offerings on the spa menu and try something different. If you always get the same Swedish massage, inquire about a hot stone massage or an herbal wrap.
  2. Arrive at the spa at least one hour earlier than the designated spa treatment. If they have a steam, sauna and jacuzzi, use it to relax before your scheduled treatment. This will enhance the relaxation response.
  3. Shut off your phone. Unplug, leave it in your locker! This is extremely important.
  4. Shower before the Jacuzzi, which is the sanitary thing to do. Most spas request that you do a quick rinse. Be mindful of others.
  5. Adhere to the proper spa etiquette, especially if you go with friends. There are other people who are also going to the spa to relax, unwind and get away from the hassles of annoying people. Don’t be one of them, speak softly, in a whisper if possible or find a spot with your friend that is in a corner or away from those that are seeking refuge.
  6. INDULGE! Enjoy all the amenities, including slathering on the creams, powders and potions after your shower. In fact, you can keep the massage oil on and go home, it’s great for your skin if you are there at the end of the work day. If during the day, try to remain relaxed and leave extra time and space at the end of the treatment as well to linger and let the treatment ‘soak into your psych’.
  7. Ask your aesthetician or masseuse any questions, so you are well informed. (Especially if you have any health challenges) During the treatment, try to relax and if possible, do not speak unless you have a concern. The best way to relax is to stay silent (I have to heed this advice, since I am an journalist, I end up interviewing them and most of the time I do not relax completely!)
  8. Speak up if they do something that does not feel right. Let them know. Maybe you have an injury and they are too harsh. This is very important. In fact, let them know your preferences before they get started.
  9. Make sure you drink a lot of water. At the end of the service, they will remind you, but it is your responsibility to follow through to get the best detox effect. Flushing out the toxins is key. Hydration is essential. In fact, drinking water throughout the day, especially when in a sauna/steam can replenish your cells. Getting rid of toxins is great, but rehydration is most important.
  10. Spend time in relaxation after the treatment to let it sink in. If they have a lounge, a place to lie down and relax, go back and do that, even for 10 minutes. Don’t rush out into the world again, until you have regained some strength. Let the relaxation set in and be sensitive to your body. Let the treatment effect last as long as possible. When you return home or back to work, ease into the world.

Most importantly, know that visiting a spa is not an indulgence any more, it’s a necessity. We are all living in a stressful world and need to relax and restore our energies. If you’re on a budget, find out where you can eliminate unconscious spending, such as Starbuck’s, impulse shopping, ultra expensive shoes/bags, excessive online shopping, junk food. Instead of being a spendthrift, be a health addict! The best way to eliminate the bad addictions is to replace it with good ones! The little expenses add up, so save up for the good things. Treat your body/mind/spirit and you’ll be rewarded in the end.



*All photos courtesy of The Beloved Spa and Resort, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Scientifically Designed Skin Care Just For Men

Christopher Glebatsas, Anthony McDonough and David Furnish at the David Furnish x LqD Dinner for LFWM (BFC, Darren Gerrish)

David Furnish, Christopher Glebatsas and Anthony McDonough.

The latest phenomenon in men’s style and fashion is the re-emergence of the well-groomed man. They even have a holiday to prove it! National Men’s Grooming Day is celebrated on the third Friday of August each year by men who want to incorporate style and better grooming practices into their routine.


Whilst there are still grungy guys with that bad boy look, the most revered are those that are able to carry off the man bun or the heavy beard without seeming fussy. But underneath it all, they are more evolved than ever. Especially with skincare. Men are now taking this more seriously, because they want to look good. The difference between them and their girlfriends or wives is that they do it without the fuss.


In the search for the best skincare designed for the modern man, the appeal is for men who want an honest brand that is built on science and innovation. Men just won’t stand for all the hype from the women’s world of beauty. The key to a successful men’s brand would have to be designed by men for men, like Christopher Glebatsas and Anthony McDonough. They have developed their own skincare line, Liquid Skin Care (Lqd®) to solve some common concerns like sensitive skin, acne and anti-aging . With a background in chemistry, McDonough realized the necessity to create the “perfect product” for himself and something he could recommend to his friends. Men’s skin is different to womens; the outer layer is thicker and has a different chemical composition, it also ages differently due to testosterone levels. Add to that the daily assault of shaving, and men’s skin ends up being drier and needing more hydrating ingredients. In the past most men’s products were just repackaged women’s ingredients.

Growing up playing sports in a beach town in Australia, McDonough noticed his skin had aged prematurely. Unfortunately all of the men’s products on the market irritated his skin. He had a dream of one day finding a product that worked, without causing further irritation. Having a chemistry degree and a lifetime of marketing experience, 15 years later that dream turned into a reality and Lqd® was launched. Lqd® embodies a healthy lifestyle approach to having the best skin you can. Their 3 pillars for achieving great skin are a combination of diet, exercise and great skincare products. The founders are both the prime embodiment of their brand, with an impressive commitment to training for overall physical wellbeing. Their ironman physiques are the pinnacle of peak performance training.


The finest Quality Mens Skincar Lqd

Lqd® was created to address common skincare issues around dryness, redness, breakouts and aging. It is targeted to fitness focused men who care about their appearance, specifically their skin. This Clinically developed cosmeceutical skin care utilizes the latest breakthroughs in skincare science. It includes anti-irritants, anti-oxidants, anti-inflamatory and anti-aging peptides to improve the health and appearance of men’s skin. While the simple stylish packaging convey’s a no fuss approach that men want, the sophistication of the range is in the high efficacy products and ingredients list. The whole range also leaves out all known skin irritants.


“It’s not only what’s in the formula – it’s also what we left out”

With a love for animals, especially their dog, Spartacus, and a dedication to bringing forth not only the highest quality but also the highest ethical standing, they do not test their products on animals.


The high efficacy of the products is due to the active ingredients they chose, such as AHA’s, BHA’s, Anti-irritants and inflammatory agents as well as vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-aging peptides which are all known to deliver tangible results.


This is why it was awarded the BEST SHAVING PRODUCT and BEST MOISTURIZER in Australia by the Men’s Health Grooming awards. But men are noticing that some of their favorite creams are being snatched by their women! The word is out and their best selling Eye Restore is getting great results for everyone.


The highlight of their brand’s emergence was when they were chosen as the exclusive skin care sponsor for the recent UK London Fashion Week Men’s event. This skyrocketed the brand to expand their loyal following on Social Media as well as their strong retail presence.


The popularity has caught the attention of celebrities such as David Furnish, LFWM’s Ambassador, who said “Massive thanks to Lqd® Skin Care for their support of LFWM. Their commitment to quality and innovation in men’s skin care sits beautifully alongside the same qualities of British Men’s fashion.”

A private dinner at the Berkshire home of Sir Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, with Lqd® Skin Care, was hosted for the fashion industry style makers as well as the international press.


The popularity of the brand is spreading across the globe, being now available at Harrods, U.K. Bloomingdales, US, and David Jones in Australia. Prior to this, the brand was built online.


The secret to having the best skin possible is finding the perfect balance of diet, training and skin care and Lqd® Skincare takes men’s grooming to a whole new level.

Wellness Travel:Disconnect And De-Stress

yoga-goldendoorWe travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

In the mid-sixties there was a hit Broadway play, Stop the world, I want to get off!, and, with all of the chaos going on in the world today, many of us share this sentiment, seeking to escape from the constant stresses. There are many studies that have documented how stressful modern lifestyles have become, and with the increasing influence of technology in the workplace and at home, many industries have an “always on” mentality which can lead to increased stress. We are now living a 24/7 life/work/style. There is more information flowing into people’s lives now than ever — much of it distressing and challenging. And with it, there are even more possibilities for interruptions and distractions.

According to the recent study from Pew research, they were able to establish a measurement for stress that is known as the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS). To do so they created a list of 10 questions for participants to answer, which explored the relationship between a variety of digital technology uses and psychological stress.

“These technologies are said to takeover people’s lives, creating time and social pressures that put people at risk from the negative physical and psychological health effects that can result from stress.”

Because of this increased stress, there is a growing emphasis on overall well-being and wellness sweeping through modern culture. It is also a backlash from the influx of new addictions such as the fears of not being connected, like problematic internet use or nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia). With the fast paced onslaught of technological advancements, there are now scientific studies finding a rising trend in anxiety disorders around not having access to a mobile phone.

Unlike the ‘60s and ‘70s there are more health conscious people, especially the boomers as they near the final frontier of their lives. Many of us are seeking a more favorable balance, going back to the original concept of being in tune with nature. There are very few places in the world that are remote enough to really feel as if we have found freedom from disturbances, into quiet and tranquility. Being immersed in nature and experiencing fresh air, peace, hiking, local farm-to-fork fare and adventure is a rarity. That is why the concept of visiting healing retreats, spas and natural mineral springs are becoming more popular.

After a recent trip to Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs, California, I discovered the upsurge in tourists who are flocking to this desert oasis, even in the summer. Healing waters from the resort, Two Bunch Palms, are said to be so soporific that they can calm even the most type-A movie mogul! Heavy hitters and Hollywood honchos escape to experience the naturally flowing thermal waters known for the extraordinary purity and rich lithium content as well as a natural mood stabilizer. Mud baths and massages are the favored treatments of many regulars (often booked side-by-side when accompanied by a friend). There are also couples massages offered in a romantic candle lit room. Voted the top rated water in the United States, many well-known celebs hide out from the chaos of their overbooked, social media-hyped lives. Named “Best for Mineral Springs” each year from 2004 through 2010 by the readers of Spa Finder Magazine, it is also ranked by USA Today as “one of 10 great places to relax your mind and body.”

As a young adventuress, traveling by air was a more dignified experience. The excitement of planning, imagining and escaping by plane was exciting and beckoning. We were allured by the promise of being able to experience other cultures and the world at large. However, for the younger adventurer of today, traveling by air is a completely different prospect altogether. We live in a time where the experience of traveling has become less about experience and more about price. Something which doesn’t help those who grew up with the over saturation of technology and in even greater need of escape. However, the great part about being alive at this time is the amount of affordable luxuries being offered to counteract the techno influences. With all of the conveniences available, we are able to escape from the gridlock and grime, without too much effort. Along with scheduled cruising to remote places, within a relatively moderate budget you can also fly by air charter. Instead of roughing it by land and sea, you can fly above the clouds and land in an air strip away from the crowds. Conventional air travel has become almost abhorrent. With the TSA restrictions and Disneyland-sized lines to meander through just to get a tiny seat, we may find ourselves getting stuck between what may feel like behemoth strangers. Mid-twentieth century traveling abroad was a luxury where we were still treated like special guests, even in coach. Now we are just part of the cattle call, crowding onto people movers. While rushing to get to a flight that is usually delayed, we may discover even worse, as it ends up being cancelled after waiting on the tarmac for hours!

Last year, Bloomberg reported on a new Four Seasons-branded jet that would be transporting clients on exclusive round-the-world tours complete with bespoke activities. That is one of the most elite examples of a trend that will become significantly more apparent this year: hotels serving as hosts to your destination as a whole. Numerous hotel groups are expanding programs that give customers privileged access to incredible settings and rarefied local experiences.

Yet there are still many opportunities to travel to faraway lands to beat the crowds which are off the beaten path. Although the advent of technology has led to more stress, there are more affordable ways to destress. Flying on a private jet to any destination – something which was once only for the Royals or the uber elite – is now accessible for many of us. With the soaring failure in commercial air travel, there is a boost in business aviation growth and private plane hire.

In fact, some of these luxuries, only reserved for the leisure class are now simple pleasures that are more accessible. What was once a dream, envisioned from reading a book, or watching a movie can be a reality with the advent of new technological advancements. As the world grows smaller, with a global vision, we are able to reach more out-of-the-way places, for business and pleasure. Things are happening so fast that the future holds great rewards with mega-entrepreneur’s like Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic. He is dreaming even bigger by offering suborbital flights into space in the near future! In many ways,

Tomorrowland is here today!

My New Fav Newsletter….What’s Yours?


My New FAV Newsletter:What’s YOURS?

I am a newsletter junkie. I sign up for so many of them that it makes me dizzy to open up my inbox every morning. I admit I’m a sucker for Self-Help. I’m a junkie. As one funny lady I know calls it ‘Self-Hell’.

Seriously, there are so many amazing sources out there from to Deepak Chopra, to Oprah, Neil Donald Walsch to Bruce Lipton, Abraham Hicks to Marianne Williamson, Dr. Mercola to Daily Om, Food Matters to Food Revolution, Conde Nast Traveler, Spa Finder to Spa Evidence, to GroupON and ON and ON and ON! Ad nauseum.

I sign up because what they say they are offering, which are lots and lots of courses, webinars, freebies and stuff….always entice me to want to sign up. But each time I do, I find myself yearning for more and more info, and ‘like empty calories’ it just doesn’t satisfy my search for my own inner truth.

The truth is, I have enough information inside of me, enough connection to my own higher source, yet somehow I mistrust myself when things don’t manifest in the way that I envision or imagine.

While my other colleagues and friends are busy living their dreams, actualizing their life’s work, doing what they feel they are destined to create, I am still sitting on the fence. I KNOW in my heart what I want to be/do/have but when it does not manifest I get discouraged. I have been able to actualize many wonderful things, while committed to living out-of-the-box, yet when I do not see the results, I go to my default which is oftentimes, depression.

Yet, as a listener to the Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction work, I know that when my energy/vibration begins to lower, it can spiral into a tunnel, and go down the Rabbit Hole. If I catch myself early on, I remember to ‘reach for a better feeling thought’ and seek out something that makes me happy/feel better/or sometimes even feel neutral.

Pam Grout-Must READ!

This morning while spiraling down the abyss, I received an email from my FAV ‘Course in Miracles’ writer, Pam Grout. (#1 New York Times Best-selling author)I was so excited because lately I find her sharing to be miraculously helpful to me. I have a few of her books, E Cubed and E Squared (9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality),plus the Thank and Grow Rich on my kindle. I have to admit I haven’t read them from beginning to end. I have a dozen books on my bedside to read and review for my site.

The latest was a booksigning for Deepak Chopra’s new book, “You Are the Universe:Discovering Your Cosmic Self” which says it all in the title. I had a chance to meet and listen to him explain this complex subject. I am always hypnotized by him, especially the way he is able to communicate clearly and make things seem simple. Chopra was the first to open up my channels to the cosmic consciousness, and I will always be grateful for his distillation of the most dense subject matter into tiny bite-sized pieces of wisdom. In this book I love how he is able to blend the blurred lines between spirituality and hard science, and address the pertinent questions about our very reason for being.

You Are The Universe: Deepak Chopra booksigning

However, lately, Pam’s books are calling out to me more and more.

So her email, today:

“Problems Seem Insurmountable?Hold your horses and read this”. She must have been reading my mind! In fact whenever she shows up in the inbox lately, it is as if she is reading my mind……hmmm….

Her quote below was also helpful!

Drag your thoughts away from your troubles…by the ears, by the heels,
or any other way you can manage it.” ― Mark Twain

“The universe is attending to your needs whether you’re aware of it or not. It works on your behalf at all times. You don’t have to earn it or jump through any hoops. It’s yours through grace, not because you prayed hard enough or followed the right commandments.

So no matter what it may look like, everything in your life is working beautifully. I recently heard a story that puts everything into perspective.

……..We are constantly evolving and being cared for. Our only mission is to let down our resistance, give up our fears and love every glorious moment.

Each story she shares gives a pertinent example of how “When making an intention, your only job is to chill”

Pam Grout….Thank YOU!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”–Pablo Picasso

“When it comes to turning thoughts into things, it’s imperative to disregard “what appears to be true.”

Focus instead on “what you want to be true.”

I know all of this, but when I am in that downward spiral and nothing is working and I end up doing instead of being, and over and over and over again, ad nauseam, Groundhog DAY!UGH!

Today I decided to share this process, mainly to shout out a big THANK YOU to Pam for what she is doing and how much I appreciate her commitment to sharing her brilliant condensation of the Course In Miracles. Because she is such an adept writer and communicator it makes it easy for me to read her, as she gives the Reader’s Digest version of decades of study in this divination of information. (Of course, Marianne Williamson is also gifted, illumination of the divine feminine.) But for right now, today, I am being filled with hope, or should I say, faith, that what I need is here right now, and answers are being sent to me via my INBOX.

Bless YOU Pam! Check this chick out and if you want some powerful synchronistic messages in your INBOX, expect a few miracles along the way…….The Dude Abides Principle. “There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.” PG

Loving Yourself:Confessions of a Spa-aholic

Taking time off for self-care is not just a luxury but a necessity.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved being nurtured with affection. I grew up in a warm, inviting home, where expressing affection and fondness was primarily through touch and hugging. As a young lady, I was introduced to spas by my mother. Ironically, she didn’t like to be touched or massaged, but encouraged me to appreciate the facials and the pampering. It was her way to give me love, learn about self-love, even though she could not do that for herself. Love in my family was shown in tender moments, but emotionally it was more unstable. Unlike most families, warmth and affection was plentiful. Both my parents were generous with expressing that kind of love.

So it seems befitting that I learned about spas and how they were a place to experience love, self-care and the essence of being a woman.

Mi Amo Spa, Sedona

The concept of spas has been around since ancient times. The Roman baths, healing spring waters, the concubines of kings, all gathered in places of beauty to nourish and replenish themselves. It is only in our chaotic modern world that the spa has become more than a healing place, it has become super-luxury for the elite. Of course, there are many natural springs that most can afford and several are free. But our western world, especially the US, does not encourage taking time off for self-care.

We are one of the most overworked cultures in the world where leisurely dining, a leisurely lunch and resting are frowned upon. Fast food, fast cars, fast breaks, high speed internet, everything is a race to get nowhere fast. There are the latest designer drugs to keep us awake, productive, including coffee places on every corner. You don’t need a prescription for speed, there are the new energy drinks that are available to anyone at any time at any store, including 7/11 . Europeans for example have a healthier standard of ease, taking time midday for a siesta or space to relax and then going back to work replenished. Corporations have paid sick days for which the more seasoned workers who are loyal to their company accrue. But the higher up they go on the food chain of employees, the worse they are at taking time off in the corporate world.

In a recent article by Anne Fisher writes about, Why don’t American’s take more time off? Even if their employers offered unlimited vacation days, most people wouldn’t take any more time off than they do now.

“It’s a little odd when you consider that, according to a new survey by staffing firm The Creative Group, about 40% of executives think employees would be more productive if they took more vacations, while only 9% think productivity would “decrease significantly.” Yet among the same senior managers, 72% say that, if their companies offered unlimited vacation days, they wouldn’t use any more than they already do. More than half (56%) of employees say they wouldn’t, either.”

When they polled middle management, most were afraid of taking time off because they didn’t feel they could catch up with the workload upon return. The work still had to get done and their inboxes were overloaded on a typical day. Many just work through their allotted time off. In a 24/7 society, few will turn off their mobile phones for a peaceful day at the beach or mountain retreat. Studies have shown that taking time off for wellness, even a staycation can increase productivity in the work place. A few more humane corporations are realizing this, and providing incentives for taking time off. However most are only interested in the bottom line, making profits and the total output of a worker.

There is another recent article in Inc.Magazine, by Will Yanowicz, Why You Need to Encourage Employees to Use Their Vacation Time.

”New research finds that employees who take all of their vacation are more productive and increase their chances of getting promoted.”

Soaking up the sun in mid-winter at the Ritz Carlton, Downtown Los Angeles

When people do a time out, for only a personal day here and there, it’s because they are usually saving up for a family emergency. It is as if we are still in that puritanical society where pleasure is frowned upon, except for the elite, the celebrity or rockstar. Perhaps this is why we idolize them so much, living vicariously through their extravagant sojourns to exotic locales. Perhaps the Kardashian craze is still front page news because now, more than ever, we are yearning to take time for ourselves, even to get pampered (gasp) for a moment of pleasure.

While my passion with spas has evolved from experiencing it as the substitute for the love of my mother, I now feel it is a nurturing place to escape from the modern world. It is a place for recharging my batteries.

There are of course, pristine places in nature to bathe in the sunshine and fresh air, and get grounded. Retreating to a park, soaking in natural mineral springs and fully participating in places of resplendent beauty. However living in an urban environment does not provide enough time and space, unless you travel away from the hectic city hubs. But we all need a personal ‘souljourn’, an unscheduled time of tranquility. That’s why all the self-help, personal growth, meditation, yoga, and energy healings are great. Yet getting away from it all and traveling to a new environment, such as a tropical resort sounds like a dream right now.

I have always been an observer, noticing the gestalt of most things as a whole, focused on the intrinsic concepts of life. Three decades ago, I studied with Rev. Richard Bolles, who wrote the best selling book, “What Color is Your Parachute” (the bible for finding work) and other books such as “Work/Life Planning” and the “Three Boxes of Life” to understand, with my sensitive nature, how to fit into the work world. As an artistic soul, I never felt comfortable being part of the ‘matrix’ as a worker bee. So instead, I became a Life-Stylist focused on designing beautiful homes. Later on, a researcher, writer and journalist to better understand the world of mass production and business. I found that personal care has no place in the work world, where we all have to fit in to a system and conform. However, our world is becoming so complex, even the medical institutions are not the havens for healing. And in most instances, conventional medicine is so corrupt that the only way to survive and thrive is to learn to take care of yourself.

In some countries it is actually not encouraged to take your personally allotted vacation time. The environment at some companies discourages it, and many employers do not provide paid vacation time.

The future of Health Care is SELF-CARE and the future is now.

The first step is to educate yourself about what is healthy and what is not. We need to face the daily onslaught of toxins from all aspects of the material world. Especially today, we face the chaos of war and perpetual challenges. We are officially living in the age of terrorism, while climate change, natural disasters and mental illness are a normal occurrence. The necessity for finding healing modalities to sustain wellness are tantamount. Relying on the medical establishment to take care of you because you have not awakened to the real issues of the modern world is no longer an option. By the time you get into the ‘Health Care’ system through chronic illness and dreaded diseases, it may be too late to take the more natural route.

The Phonecian main pool, Phoenix Arizona

Gerald Celente, a futurist, founder of the Trends Research Institute, wrote that there would be the combination of spas and hospitals of the future in his Trends 2000 book. Today, most hospitals are a place of unrest, constantly operating from emergency modes (but if you break a leg or need a heart valve replacement, it is the best place to go to fix it.) However, modern diseases occur from stressful lifestyles and many of these illnesses can be alleviated with the proper care through personal responsibility.

Pharmaceutical drugs have become the panacea for what ails you, a pill for this or that, dealing with the symptoms but not the cause. Visiting a healing retreat or spa, especially a med-spa where you get your baseline health checked in an environment away from your routine life is an excellent way to take time to learn about your now body/mind/spirit. One leading edge example is the California Health and Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa in Westlake Village, California.

Indoor pool at the Four Seasons Hotel, Westlake Village, California

The spa of the future will be a combination of healing retreat and medical clinic.

Progressive medical establishments in Thailand and other countries are providing medical tourism as a way of saving money but they are also designed as places of peace and tranquility. Hopefully some day we will all have affordable access to these kinds of places here in the United States so we don’t have to wait until we get sick to take time off! We often put off spending any time or money to rejuvenate ourselves, but when when have to stop the clock because we are sick, then we have no choice.

My motto is: How you live your life is your greatest work of art. Hence, creating a lifestyle that is in harmony, balance and in tune with your body/mind/spirit will lead to the greatest pleasure and happiness in the long run. Visiting a healing retreat, spa or place of natural beauty is the first step to living your best life now!

Although both my parents are long gone, what remains for me is the desire to experience peace, comfort, affection, caring and nurturing. Because of life circumstances, I often feel like I am on shaky ground (especially while living in Los Angeles). I believed in the illusion of American dream, yet what once appeared as a solid foundation feels now broken shards of glass to tiptoe about without getting cut. Many people I know are experiencing unstable lives, fraught with financial uncertainty and the impending doom of negativity abounds. I am not one to watch the histrionic headlines in the news, preferring to connect to a higher source daily for truth updates. I have found that having close friends, and especially pets, are another way to feel connected and share physical affection. For most, a close family and children is at the top.

The Sanctuary at Camelback Mountain, Arizona (My FAV)

Since I have not met my soulmate yet, and my fuzzy four-legged one has gone to doggy heaven, I share these special moments through my close friendships, chance encounters with kindhearted souls along the way and especially visiting a healing retreat and spa. My focus now is experiencing beauty for the soul.

For more in-depth info on becoming AGELESS through self-care contact