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"The 5 Star Life" in essence is experiencing "Beauty For The Soul" through the 5 senses and beyond. Here you will find ways to experience "The Art of Living Well." It is my pleasure and passion to explore, research and share first-hand reviews of the latest luxury pampering, transformational spas, healing retreats, natural beauty and wellness products. I love helping others to discover how to live their life mindfully, gracefully aging, and enjoying life through the 'Realm of the Senses.' If you are seeking to have more pleasure, here is where you can find amazing opportunities to enjoy life as a "Sensual Experience." As The 5 Star LifeStylist and Maven, my motto is: "How you live your life is your greatest work of art, so make it a masterpiece." As I continue researching, discovering and sharing with you the latest in 5 Star Adventures, through natural health and beauty, the focus is on becoming AGELESS. In addition, I also create branded content and private consulting from luxury resorts and spas to leading edge wellness retreats. From new healing modalities, and indulging in futuristic treatments, I also reveal the latest in celebrity beauty treatments (that are both natural and hopefully affordable.) You will learn about how to become Ageless, and live your best life now! As LifeStylist and an Interior Designer with a flare for casual elegance, I am available to share my decades of experience in Lifestyle Design and ways to 'bring the spa life back home' while helping my clients create resort-like living right at home. I have found that the key to vibrant health and radiant beauty is mindful living. I believe that the "future of healthcare begins with SELF-CARE." The first step is to learn about yourself from the inside-out and by visiting a healing retreat or spa. As the quintessential BoomerBabe, sharing the latest in wellness and beauty, it is my intention to help you feel and look your best. Leading on the cusp of the longevity movement, my passion is to uplift and inspire and inform my followers. Join me here and come with me on my SOULjourns. Please be sure to sign up for my latest posts and to be a part of the "new aging revolution", the first generation to change the face of aging and the last to 'get old'. The rest of your life can be the best of your life! It is my pleasure to share all of this with you, so you can be uplifted and inspired to experience Beauty For the Soul! Check out my Interior Design profile:

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