About: Living it UP (on an artist’s budget)

This is a blog about how someone with a Fine Arts Degree and no typing skills managed to get through the real world without a real job. She refused to conform to the corporate world before corporate took over the world. Living life through the eyes of an artist, it was virtually impossible to be authentic and live a passionate life while sitting at desk, chained to a phone and typewriter (now a computer), and not go crazy.  As a true visionary, she saw the writing on the wall, and decided to give it her all, in the world of art. Facing years of challenges by not fitting into the status quo, she finally got a computer and learned how to type fast. She is eternally grateful to Steve Jobs for making the Mac specifically targeting the right brainiacs. Living life from pure creativity and  intuition is virtually impossible, but the Apple computer has bridged the gap. All of the things she writes about are from her own experience, having created a format for expressing her musings about The Art of Living Well. Her mantra is beyond making art. “How you live your life is your greatest work of art so let it be a masterpiece.”

The 5-Star Life Maven is a futurist  with her finger on the pulse of the latest trends in lifestyle and the Art of Living Well. Blending her own perceptions with exceptional cultural elements from her international travels, she has the unique gift of inspiring and motivating others to live their best life now. From leading edge new aging beauty treatments, spas, wellness centers, to exotic resorts and travel, she is always in search of overall well being.  From luxe lifestyle experiences, to simple pleasures, her column The Five Star Lifewithout limits, appears in several publications. For five years she was spa columnist for Malibu Magazine and had columns appearing in Celeb Life/Celeb Staff Magazine (targeting high net worth individuals who own estates and mansions), Flying Adventures (for enthusiasts who are pilots and own private planes and jets), LA2DAY.com, Chictoday.com (internationally focused, based out of London).

Currently her posts can be found at livethe5starlife.com, huffingtonpost.com, Los Angeles Examiner.com, petergreenberg.com, boomer-living+.com, Healing Lifestyles and Spas.com and many others.

As a fellow boomerbabe on the cusp of the new millennium, she truly believes that “The rest of your live can be the best of your life.

Her passion for fineness has earned kudos as a boomer consumer expert and spa trends specialist, guiding many of the spas she has visited on becoming one step ahead of the crowd. By enhancing their signature style and overall concept, she assists them on attracting new business development and achieving the highest accolades for their brand.

As a Fine Arts scholar she has always delighted in the creation of  beauty. In contrast, working with pneumatic air chisels, angle grinders and immersed in the stone dust and dirt of a sculptors studio, she embraced living in the moment. Her works of art have been exhibited in galleries and collections across the globe, from the Intercontinental Hotel in Japan to Neiman Marcus, The Regency Club, The Sports Club LA, and Le Bel Age Hotel in Los Angeles. Such creations have also appeared on television commercials, like It’s Art for Toyota, during the Superbowl, and the award-winning television series Six Feet Under. After years of soul searching, her credo is how you live your life is your greatest work of art.

As an interior designer professionally trained from UCLA, her focus was creating resort-like living for her clients. In the early eighties, while still in design school, she apprenticed with renowned designer to the stars, Robert Cory, and has added her magic touch to the interior design of James Caan’s Bel Air retreat, and Marvin Davis’ (former CEO of Twentieth Century Fox Studios) office. Later on, as a design consultant for the Kreiss Collection, there was a daily influx of celeb clients shopping for furnishings, like of Jada Pinkett, Will Smith, Tiger Woods, and Pamela Anderson. The showroom was so filled with sizzling designs; it was a magnet for Hollywood’s finest. They had to keep the Paparazzi out but the stars in!

Living a life of freedom can be confining, especially with a limited budget. So she studied and researched many experts on lifestyle and found that in the last century, the age of conspicuous consumption and planned obsolescence, the anti-thesis was about to swing into gear. Now we are facing times of peak oil, climate change and only the uber rich can bathe in the golden pool of luxury. For the rest of us, especially the dwindling, almost non-existent middle class, making a life based on timeless virtues, finding the gems in the simple things, cherishing our loved ones and our environment  is becoming a sign of  with true wealth.

As a professional Life Stylist, Marjorie is The 5 Star Life Maven. She prefers to   spendi most of her free time studying the teachings of great philosophers and spiritual truths, seeking meaning and life mastery. Her mission is discovering the keys to life enhancement to share with her clients and columns. The 5-Star Life-without limits promises to reveal the insider tips edged with plenty of chic.

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