The Golden Door Spa entrance

After decades of visiting spas and experiencing the best in beauty and self-care, I am now able to transfer these lovely memories into WEARABLE ART fashions. Taking home the spa experience by capturing vignettes of the spa lifestyle as a keepsake you can use daily is a fun way to keep these experiences close to your heart. From tote bags to pillows, sarongs, scarves, shawls and shirts, you can share this slice of heaven with me by ordering one for yourself, too!


Koi Pond at the Golden Door Spa 

Stay posted because I will be sharing these precious moments of peace and tranquility with you each time I return from my spa souljourn. In the future I will be organizing Special Spa Luxe Retreats with you so you can join me and share these adventures! These will be bespoke experiences tailor made to your specific dreams, desires and wishes.

Until then, enjoy the Scenes from a Spa Lover’s Life and to purchase, go here

                                                              Golden Door Spa Koi Pond

Looking forward to sharing those special moments of self-care and soothing the souls of us all in these challenging times ahead.

                                                               Golden Door Zen Path

We are living in such a radical shift in consciousness and adapting to the extreme changes in climate and environmental chaos, the need for self care and soothing the soul are more important now than ever before. It is no longer a luxury to experience mindfulness and inner peace, it is a necessity! Experiencing ‘beauty for the soul’ is now au courant for living a meaningful life.

While many of us have had a more frivolous, care free lifestyle in our youth, having ‘been there and done that’ for decades, many aspects are no longer playful explorations of pleasure. The endless summer of our lives is waning and we are embarking upon the fall and some into the winter of our timeline. We are living in a time of great and unparalled changes that are affecting every aspect of living in this modern world. The new normal is in flux, with radical extremes that can strike our very core of existence.

FYI-I just listened to an interview with Greg Braden: Adapting to the New Normal.

Visiting a healing retreat or spa is the first line of defense when dealing with the intricacies of the radical changes in our world and making sure we are taking care of ourselves when adapting to the new normal.

May we all be blessed with the opportunity to learn about the keys to self-care for ourselves, our families, our loved ones and those we may encounter on our path to healing the world at large.

For personal coaching on living the spa lifestyle/self-care secrets of the stars contact me at

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