My best friend calls me Magical Marjorie because I marvel at the little things and really do experience living the 5 star life, without limits on a miniscule BUDGET! How many fun, luxe experiences can you have without spending any money? My greatest thrill is becoming aware of the little gifts from the Universe, making note of them, and sharing the process with you all. My desire is to uplift and inspire others to become aware and awaken to the mindful miracles that occur all the time. No matter what is going on in our lives, sometimes we really need to stop and smell the roses to move beyond the struggles. Things are extremely challenging in all areas right now. When we focus on the scary stuff, we become immobilized and it is like a freeze frame in the moment. All we can see is what is not working and not the little things that are.

But I am not going to share the negatives because I am focusing on gratitude. In the past, when faced with the kinds of issues I have today, I would most certainly be freaking out. But now I am learning how to shift my focus, expand my reality to experience a new ‘portal’ of existence, one that makes me feel better. Instead of being obsessed with the things that are not going well, I am learning to let it go. I ‘take care of business’ as best as I can, but I have learned to ‘know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em.’ Learning what I can and cannot control takes practice and being present in the moment.

Recently I got three writing assignments that have shown up just in the nick of time. That’s all I am going to say, but I am definitely shifting my self-talk, curbing my fears and feeding my head with all the amazing free YouTube videos.  From Byron Katie to Abraham Hicks, and webinars, like John Burgos Beyond the Ordinary, Mindvalley Academy and the daily offerings just keep coming in. There is a wealth of information out there to assist us in healing the darkness that prevails and reprogramming our minds to align with positive.

There are dozens of free courses online, and my in-box is flooded with them daily. But this is NOT about all of that. Today I want to share about how I live my life, and allow gifts to show up, just by being open and appreciating the wonder of it all.

As I mentioned, my first writing assignment, on the benefits of CBD Oil, for huffpost was rejected because I didn’t have the proper sources sited, so I have to re-edit it. So normally I would panic because I needed to get paid immediately and now my editors in London will have to wait until it is approved to pay me. Lots of other little things that usually immobilize me are not getting in my way. I finished my other story on the Medevac (emergency air ambulance in the Virgin Islands) and hopefully it will be approved so I can post it on the site.

So my newest assignment was for Pelican Hill Magazine and it is a fashion spread. I have very little interest in writing about fashion. My passion is spas, luxury resorts, pampering and becoming ageless. Fashion is not my passion. But when I started to research the magazine and the copy I realized that writing about fashion is very poetic. In fact it is rousing to write creatively about the current trends. I actually was enjoying the assignment! This was another gift.

However, I needed to do some research at Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, so I stopped by before my yoga class (which I ended up going to the Newport Yogaworks instead of Laguna Beach). When I got to Neiman’s I met a lovely sales lady in Escada and asked her a few questions about the fashion trends for spring. She gave me a list of Neiman’s own and then offered me a bottle of water with the Neiman’s brand label!

That was my first gift. Then I went down to the main floor and discovered they had the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on display and there was going to be a stylist giving free blowouts! If you haven’t tried this blow dryer, you’re in for a treat. There are only a few things out there that are affordable and can really change your life in the world of beauty. This is one of them! First of all it is IONIC. Check it out, you won’t ever need to go to a ‘dry bar’ and blow your hard earned cash getting styled by someone else! I didn’t have time to wait for the stylist because they were showing up at 11:30 and I wanted to get to yoga at 12:00. So they let me use the dryer and I was perfectly happy doing it myself.

Then one of the sales people from the makeup counter came by and insisted on blowing out my hair. She was a professional stylist as well. I was happy to get the free blowout, enjoying my frizz free frocks, like a visit to the salon-but without having to get wet. While sitting there a few other ladies came by and one invited me to go upstairs to a special makeup event where they were demonstrating a new skincare product. She said there would be champagne and yummies. I normally cannot resist a glass of champagne, but am committed to my Whole Foods, Plant Based diet right now. (Simply Young) It doesn’t totally exclude the bubbly, but I’m also trying to slim down again. So I had to turn down the offer, but again, they insisted I come back after yoga and get a free makeup application. One of the other ladies gave me her card and said to come back any time for a full makeup demonstration and lesson.

Then I went to Whole Foods after yoga, for a quick lunch from the salad bar and they were giving away my favorite vegan protein bar as well as a discount coupon. I also had some samples of different healthy products. (Last week they were sampling sparkling wine and some beer.)

I had to leave to begin my writing assignment so I stopped off at my favorite 5 Star Resort cafe at Pelican Hill Resort around the corner and sat down on the sofa with my laptop and used the free WiFi.

I had the whole couch to myself,  overlooking the magnificent view and was blessed with the perfect cappuccino!( Just look at the froth on this masterpiece, with fluffy whisps of foam and sprinkles of cinnamon! And the breathtaking vista!)

I spent a couple of hours at the cafe online and then headed home in rush hour traffic. Rush hour here in Newport-Laguna is a joke! It’s actually just cruising down the coast highway with some extra cars. In LA it it was torture. A normal twenty minute drive could be over an hour or more! Here in Paradise, it is just a slight inconvenience. Yet the locals are concerned about the distance, and I drive out of my way to enjoy cruising down the highway! I have not been bored yet…….

So this is how I spend my days receiving the gifts that come my way. I hope to uplift and inspire you to open yourself up to receiving the little synchronicities that show up in your life. No matter how challenging these times are for some of us there are still little miracles that show up and help to brighten your day.

Be open, be grateful and watch what happens. Until next time……allow yourself to be pampered by the universe, because you deserve it!

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