2017 Awards: Always A Class Act at the TMG Oscar Suite/Academy Awards 2017

Royal Twin with Eufora
With all the buzz from the aftermath of the Awards, and many people still scratching their heads about the mishap, there’s that one perfect memory that the privileged VIP’s will remember. TMG, Beverly Hills based luxury goods public relations hosted it’s 11th Annual Pre-Oscar “Red Carpet Ready” Luxury Suite, at the legendary Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills. In honor of the 89th Academy Awards, this was the swankiest suite. The lobby was a hotbed for hosted events, and the stars were out to see and be scene.

But upstairs, in the penthouse, a private, first class luxury event was the most coveted on the list of pre-oscar events. Celebrity offerings were plentiful but the most luxe were the personalized beauty treatments to make everyone feel like a star.


The list of sponsors were:

GOLDEN BOOKS: Part of Random House, it’s Little Golden Books 75th Anniversary this year.  Iconic Children’s books.

ESSIE: Manicures. Lots of colors and featuring a special GOLD MANI to honor Little Golden Books 75th Anniversary. Goldfinger’s never looked so chic!

KATHRINE BAUMANN HANDBAGS:  Beautifully crystal-studded handbags often seen on the Red Carpet carried by major celebrities. These are the kind of accessory handbags that are meant to be displayed after the event, in a special place at home. Truly a work of art!

Eufora and me……Livin’ it up in style with a complementary  style n’ curl at the event
Check out the rest of the fun festivities here

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