Ultimate Lifestyle Experiences

Welcome to The 5 Star Life, the ‘Ageless’ lifestyle magazine for those who seek to live with beauty and luxury yet simplicity and serenity. We are dedicated to the ultimate in luxury, beauty, wellness and the eternal endeavor to age gracefully. Experience Beauty For the Soul, from exotic resorts and pampering to natural beauty secrets of the stars, healing retreats and spas. Follow us through the secret passage into the world of fine living.  The future is Transformational Travel Experiences where we seek to discover or create luxury “result retreats” from wellness to happiness. You can achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty, living from the inside-out.

As a luxury travel and lifestyle brands journalist, blogger and influencer, Marjorie Hope is passionate about discovering and sharing the latest in leading edge breakthroughs in  health and beauty. She has her finger on the pulse of natural beauty secrets of the stars. From foodie trends to fashion trends, living the 5 Star Life is about mindfully living your best life now. As a spa trends specialist, she is focused on wellness travel, and committed to finding the best of the best from healing retreats to luxury pampering. Because health care is self-care, and self-care is self-love, experiencing Beauty for the Soul at a spa or healing retreat is not just a luxury but a necessity for vibrant health and radiant beauty.

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