Live Your Best Life NOW-Ten Tips for Tough Times

Living Your Best Life NOW-Ten Tips for Tough Times


You can Live Your Best Life NOW! No matter what is happening on the outside, you can manage your inside by following your own guidance. While both Main Street and Wall Street are being re-aligned, it is comforting to know that you are not alone in this melting pot of confusion. Change is happening on every level of our modern society. All the futurists from Gerald Celente to Alvin Toffler have predicted this era of topsy turvey conditions. Amidst all the confusion, we are definitely headed towards a better world, as Eckart Tolle would say, A New Earth. We are all united in this phase. Now is the time to recalibrate your own GPS and find your center, in balance and equanimity. You are the master navigator, and keeping your spirits in the light will help you surf this tsunami and land in tact. Lots of changes, from climate change to skyrocketing energy prices, but remember, you and your loved ones will grow closer and make it through the tidal wave. The most important thing is to be aware in each moment so you can stay current in the change stream.


Here are Ten Tips for Tough Times. These are basic alternatives for you and your family to embrace and find joy in simple pleasures. Stay tuned for more to come.

Ten Tips for Tough Times--In this economic downturn

  1. Now is the time to shop your own closet. For most of us, unless you gain or lose weight, you will have enough clothes for at least the next few seasons. Who cares about the latest True Religion jeans , or the avant garde super expensive ones showered with subtle flecks of metallic glitter, rhinestones or drips of paint? Go out and buy some spray paint and you’ll have your own designer jeans. And then when someone asks, ‘Who’s the designer?’ you can proudly reply, ‘Me!’
  2. Now is the time to focus on Self-Care. Have fun and do not care about what’s happening in trends, fashion or shopping. Take care of your inside and your outside will shine. Give yourself the gift of Extreme Self Care. Splurge on meditation, peaceful moments walking in the park and start smelling the roses.
  3. Now is the time to get rid of stuff. Find out what really gives you joy and let go of the rest-pass it on to others. Now is the time to use what you already have, and get rid of what you don’t need. Go through your house and weed through the clutter, give away things that are taking up space. Do something different, give away or donate the things you don’t use and enjoy a moment of empty space and lightness. In this day and age, empty space is a LUXURY we can all afford! See if you can even let go of sentimental things, scan photos to the computer, etc. Lighten up your load and you will feel like a million bucks.
  4. Now is the time to upgrade one habit with another. Maybe you’re a shopaholic too. So instead of buying new stuff, upgrade by taking old costume jewelry or beads and sew them onto your favorite tunic top. Maybe you can mix and match old outfits-take a suit jacket and add it to a pair of jeans, wear the skirt with a sexy top.
  5. Now is the time to trade up your addictions. Subsitute your daily Starbucks fix with a home made shake using healthy ingredients, instead of chemicals. Clean up your act from the inside-out. Enjoy a new sense of freedom and live it up in a different way.
  6. Now is the time to use your creativity in a new way. Shut off all the electronics including the T.V., cell phones, and games as well as the computer. Get to know your family members more intimately. Plan a family night around a fire or eat dinner by candlelight and tell stories. Maybe you have some hidden talents that you haven’t explored. Let each member share some secret. This could be a night of inspiration and encouragement for all. Step out of the box and be free
  7. Now is the time to explore simple pleasures and affordable luxuries. Set aside an hour for yourself to be alone in a bubble bath or surprise your mate and do it together. Make your own spa retreat at home. Check out the web for home made spa treatments you can try out and then let the whole family join in the fun! Teach your kids to enjoy healthy indulgences. Find some rich skin creams made from olive oil and avocado or a face and body scrub recipe from a little bit of oatmeal. Go into your kitchen and discover different ways to utilize fresh ingredients.
  8. Now is the time to try out that new recipe. Make it a family affair or with your BFF’s. While flipping through the latest issue of your favorite tabloid, at the hair salon; you may find a special recipe to surprise your family. Include other members in the cooking process and make a gourmet family night together where each member gets to perform a task –so everyone feels as if they’re part of the fun. Make it a night to remember.
  9. Now is the time to go green. Instead of cruising the web for bigger, better, newer, stuff, find out how to become eco-conscious. What can you do today to make your home more sustainable and eco-efficient? What do you need to do for the future? Perhaps a small organic vegetable garden or some ceiling fans to prepare for the summer months. In the winter, some portable heaters for the rooms that are used the most and save on the energy bills?
  10. Now is the time to let the sunshine in. Remember the popular song from the musical, Hair, in the late 60’s? Make sure each day you find a few minutes to spend outside in nature. One of the biggest things lacking in our health is adequate vitamin D. That can only be from one source, the SUN. Artificial lighting, sun glasses and sunblock are keeping us from allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate into our cells. From five to fifty minutes before 9 am and after 4pm, get outside and let the sunshine in!

Tune in for more tips on Living the Five Star Life even in a Down Economy.



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