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Living the 5 Star Life without limits…..on any budget. From simple pleasures to luxury pampering at 5 star hotels, wellness and new-aging beauty secrets of the stars, healthy retreats and spas. Follow me through the secret passage into the world of fine living. How to achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty, living from the inside-out. Get insider tips and personal coaching to live your best life now.

21st Century Beauty for the Soul

We are now in an age of profound change. As a global society, we are moving from self-centered to SOUL Centered. In matters of the soul, we are all one.

After decades of living in the fast lane, I realized that if I didn’t slow down and experience the present moment, life would pass me by.  As someone who always lived in hope of the future and suffered from the disappointments of the past, I was never satisfied with what was right in front of me. Always seeking more, without fully appreciating what IS NOW. As life flows from youth to adulthood and beyond, looking back from the other side of fifty, what is most important is cherishing what is and appreciating the wonders around me. As Bill Clinton once said, we are in an age where the years ahead are outnumbered by the years behind. Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to become awakened, mindful with eyes wide open. In the movie, As Good As It Gets, Jack Nicholson asks the rhetorical question to other patients when leaving his shrink’s office,

“What if THIS is as good as it gets?”

With that in mind, I have reflected upon my life and realized that no matter how good or bad things were, my focus was always on a better future. Instead of living in present time awareness, I was reflecting back  into the rear view mirror. So the future was about running away from what didn’t work, and not so much flowing into the present.

Many of us are realizing that life is precious and the simple pleasures are more satisfying than the Madison Avenue big-ticket items. The 5 Star Life is focused on the mind/body and especially the spirit. Living by the highest virtues of honor, integrity and loving kindness is living your best life now. I am a journalist and write about Soulful Beauty in all forms. From wellness to healing retreats and luxury spas, this is living an INSPIRED life. We are blessed to be living in new times with spirit as our guide. Awakening to the true meaning of life and our world, many of us will be leading the path to uplift and inspire others around the globe to a new way of peace. Most important is for each of us to find our own inner peace (from the inside out) so we can share it with joy, kindness and especially love.

Leading the way to mindful living, we can all benefit from taking care of ourselves so we can be our personal best. The future of healthcare is SELF-CARE! We are living in the best times for achieving vibrant health and radiant beauty. The Art of Living Well is a gift we can share, and I will be sharing the latest breakthroughs to feeling great all the time. Get ready to have the time of your life!

Piero Ferrucci, the bestselling author of The Power of Kindness shows how the ability to appreciate beauty-far from being a luxury or an afterthought-is vital to leading a happy, balanced, and satisfying life.

Beauty is all around us-in a flower, a song, the sound of falling water, or a dramatic painting. We often think of it as just “window dressing.” But it’s not. It is the balm of our existence, and we cannot live full and satisfying lives without it.

We are here to experience everyday beauty in a whole new way-and to understand its powers to guide us through periods of darkness or stress, to speed recovery, to make life feel purposeful. We will explore a variety of experiences to explain how different kinds of beauty complement and complete our lives in different ways.

So much of the malaise and low-grade depression we may find in our lives and those of people we love is due to our inability to understand the extraordinary power-and necessity-of taking time to “stop and smell the roses” can place ourselves in closer proximity to the therapeutic healing that only beauty can bring.

 We race around; harried, worried, and distracted. Much of the time we are unable to see the beauty all around us. Some of us think we don’t deserve it or that it’s frivolous. When we work to change this, he writes, we escape from the cages we have created. We heal better when we are open to beauty, when healing is unobstructed by stress: “The encounter with beauty takes us easily back to the pure spring of our spontaneous emotional life.” “Because beauty is temporary,” he writes, “appreciating it involves a kind of surrender.” We must learn “to welcome it when it comes, let it go when it leaves.” Ferrucci’s writing is calm and clear. His insights are widely intuitive. The very act of reading his balanced sentences unties knots and encourages openness.

“There is great importance of appreciating beauty. Beauty is not the province of artists, poets and philosophers; it is as essential to the health of the individual soul–what the Greeks conveyed in the word psyche–as breath is to the individual body. A transpersonal psychology clinician, Piero Ferrucci not only hears what makes people ill, he also hears what makes them better, and the remedies can be small: contemplating a painting, smelling a piece of ripe fruit, hearing favorite music. There is also literature that empirically supports this theory. There is evolutionary evidence that the need for beauty is hard-wired into humans, and this adds new weight to philosophers’ age-old arguments. There’s a reason airports are unpleasant experiences: they’re “nonplaces” that harm the souls of the people who use them. This is a wonderful book to give to anyone made uneasy by the conditions of modern life, because the solution is so simple and yet bears repeating: stop to smell the roses.”

Beauty in nature and all living things is beyond words



3 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. enjoyed both articles. i like learning about your life. we are on the same page 3000 miles away. i am learning to live in the moment thru meditation. responding to rather than reacting to the way things are. i am starting to feel my center. yoga is a part of my life as well and i need to take care of my body physically and mentally now that we both are way on the other side of 50. good for us, xoxox merle

      1. Thanks Merle, Glad to know there is someone in my family who ‘gets it!’……too bad we are not on the same coast-but you were a West coastie and then moved back/then I moved to the coast, so our timing is a bit askewed!

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